Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ok it has been a long time since i made a post. sadly the only new stuff is in the last week. i took a few days off to go home for easter with odie. i never want to go 8 hours on a bus again. all i wanted to do was sleep, unfortunatly i got stuck beside this enormous lady and had no room to even turn the pages on my book. it was the logest and most uncomfortable ride of my life. on the first day down there mom and i went out to get insurance on my car (by the way i was given a car down there) we decided then to drive up to wallmart, where in my moms brand new car, i got rear ended. wtf, i actually had to chase the kid down to get his info. it wound up being 4 grand in damage. but the other driver has to pay for it. i did absolutly nothing for the next couple of days, which was very nice. on sat night i went out with one of my co workers, who happened to be in town as well. good times as we can both brag around work that we went ot a nice warm place and partied.... hahahahaha thats right suckers it was warm with no snow. sunday i piled odie and all the crap that mom sent home with me into the little tempo and spent the next 7 hours listening to an 8 year old ask if we were home yet. ( i think she actually is the kid from every movie, cartoon, and tv show in the world) fortunatly we made it back in one peice, so now i am broke but i don't walk anywhere, and i am relaxed, untill i get a few more shifts under my belt again. shit now i need another vacation :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

back to the land of the living

yes i am in fact alive, i just have no life due to working all the time. so sadly i have done nothing really exiting. first sorry i missed your b-day dez, i was in bed with the belief that i was dying. very very sick. second i have a new phone to those that i know the # is 961-5763, to those i don't know, don't call that #. and third i have gotten a raise finaly. so now i can afford to do stuff i just have no time to do it in. the only fun day i am going to get is going to be the staff party on the 16th. and i am fairly certain that i will be requiring a cab to get home that night. um i think that is all i have for news and stuff, so if i see any of you great, if not then i am sorry i just have very little time these days ttyl and all that stuff

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

if you miss the old nintendo

here is duck hunt http://www.joshbuhler.com/games/duckhunt/
i do have a creepy story to tell for Halloween but it will have to wait for a day of two, till then :P

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

not much really to say

well i don't have much to say, but here goes nothing.
first yes i work friday night, and if it is not too busy i will wander out and say hi if you stop by the pub dez. second i have a new computer, i am very happy about this. it is faster, it is newer, i did not have to build it. and the best part. windows is not pirated, it is legitimate. i now have to ie7 and media 11. yes i am happy for this. yes i need a life, that dosn't involve pornography. hahahaha, i laugh but it's true...... so sad. but for now i have today and tomorrow off to play with this machine, go to the bank, get food, clean my room. and visit with my kid. though maybe not that order. and i may skip the whole cleaning shit. anyways i have now written a real post (all be it small) and am going to do other things now bye bye

Monday, October 01, 2007


why do my friends act in such a way that i have to call the police.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


it's a wonderful day, the sun is shining, the birds are singing.... bee's are trying to have sex with them. as is my understanding

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i have finaly done it

yes ladies and gentlemen (i use the term loosley) i have finaly broken down and tried fire fox. i would hear about it every other day and always thought whatever, internet explorer works just fine why bother changing. now i know, this browser is 100 times faster than ie it is easier to use, i love the fact that if you click a link that would normaly open up on a new page instead of just switching sites it is on the same browser, and you still switch pages without hiting the back button, very awesome. even greater for porn freaks because then only one thing to close of hide if someone walks in (not that i have ever had such an expierance) :P anyway i just wanted to say how much i like this thing. http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/.
try it out and see