Wednesday, October 03, 2007

not much really to say

well i don't have much to say, but here goes nothing.
first yes i work friday night, and if it is not too busy i will wander out and say hi if you stop by the pub dez. second i have a new computer, i am very happy about this. it is faster, it is newer, i did not have to build it. and the best part. windows is not pirated, it is legitimate. i now have to ie7 and media 11. yes i am happy for this. yes i need a life, that dosn't involve pornography. hahahaha, i laugh but it's true...... so sad. but for now i have today and tomorrow off to play with this machine, go to the bank, get food, clean my room. and visit with my kid. though maybe not that order. and i may skip the whole cleaning shit. anyways i have now written a real post (all be it small) and am going to do other things now bye bye


At 4:45 AM , Blogger Dez Dez said...

Massive change in plans, I deffinetly won't be coming to the pub this friday or any friday. What time are you off work on said friday?


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