Wednesday, December 05, 2007

back to the land of the living

yes i am in fact alive, i just have no life due to working all the time. so sadly i have done nothing really exiting. first sorry i missed your b-day dez, i was in bed with the belief that i was dying. very very sick. second i have a new phone to those that i know the # is 961-5763, to those i don't know, don't call that #. and third i have gotten a raise finaly. so now i can afford to do stuff i just have no time to do it in. the only fun day i am going to get is going to be the staff party on the 16th. and i am fairly certain that i will be requiring a cab to get home that night. um i think that is all i have for news and stuff, so if i see any of you great, if not then i am sorry i just have very little time these days ttyl and all that stuff


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