Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ok it has been a long time since i made a post. sadly the only new stuff is in the last week. i took a few days off to go home for easter with odie. i never want to go 8 hours on a bus again. all i wanted to do was sleep, unfortunatly i got stuck beside this enormous lady and had no room to even turn the pages on my book. it was the logest and most uncomfortable ride of my life. on the first day down there mom and i went out to get insurance on my car (by the way i was given a car down there) we decided then to drive up to wallmart, where in my moms brand new car, i got rear ended. wtf, i actually had to chase the kid down to get his info. it wound up being 4 grand in damage. but the other driver has to pay for it. i did absolutly nothing for the next couple of days, which was very nice. on sat night i went out with one of my co workers, who happened to be in town as well. good times as we can both brag around work that we went ot a nice warm place and partied.... hahahahaha thats right suckers it was warm with no snow. sunday i piled odie and all the crap that mom sent home with me into the little tempo and spent the next 7 hours listening to an 8 year old ask if we were home yet. ( i think she actually is the kid from every movie, cartoon, and tv show in the world) fortunatly we made it back in one peice, so now i am broke but i don't walk anywhere, and i am relaxed, untill i get a few more shifts under my belt again. shit now i need another vacation :)


At 10:39 AM , Blogger Dez Dez said...

Glad to hear your trip went relatively well!! I did the "are we there yet" to Phil all the way to Barkerville a couple years ago... I can assure you it was way too fun!!

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