Saturday, January 27, 2007

a fun news link about squirrels
as i post this i think on how all will be happy to read about the squirrels.
also still nothing new on this front work is work. havn't been out to do much, and still need a life.
though if anyone is up for it meet me at alfredo's for pool on tues night around 11 when i get off work. k now bye bye for tonight

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

since the links are blocked by the site

well as anyone who actually tryed the links you would have found out that the webmaster does noy like the fre advertisment. so i give you the address and you can check out the sound bites yourself. (they actually do not belong to the webmaster but to 20th century fox) go to sounds and quotes. my favorite is episode 15 season 5. bender "And so I ask you this one question. Have you ever tried simply turning off the TV, sitting down with your children, and hitting them?"
i laughed ...... i cryed ........ and then i laughed some more

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007

time for a post

well it has been a while since i posted. first of all my blog has a clock nya nya na nya nya. :P second if this makees no sence sorry i have been up for a day and a half and am not firing on all 4 cylenders. ok so christmas blew chunks as my ex buggered off to alberta and decided not to say anything to me...... meaning i did not see my kid untill after new years. on the other hand new years day was quite a fun night for me...... or so i am told. we had a staff party at the pub after words a few of the girls came over here and we all continued to drink (thanx to my boss who sold us two flats of beer from the pub when we left at 12:30) by the end of the night apeerantly i had them flashing people and made out with one of our bartenders. though neither of us recall it and i think steve is trying to make me believe stuff just because he knows i cant argue the point.......... and knowing me, it is probably true. damn why can't i remember fun shit like that....... damn robby and his vodka (i can never remember shit when i drink that stuff.) the next day at work they made fun of me all nite. and these are the people who wern't there and didn't know about the wierd shit yet. i was just that hung over...... but at least this time i made it to work so dez can't give me trouble and say " for the love of god why chris" and finaly odie did finaly make it over and we had our own little christmas. she enjoyed all of her presents and what not. thank god she took that god awfull furby baby to her mothers. if the damn thing asked for more food i was gonna pull the bateries. hmmm sadly i think that brings me up to date...... i need a life. and a second job but that will have to wait untill tomorrow as i need sleep more right now. .... ooh wait movie to watch you must all watch idiocracy it was a freakin awesome move made by mike judge. sadly fox only released in a few theatres (they didn't think people would understand the point of it) which is ironic because it is about intelegance beeing bred out of humans as it is no longer needed to survive. and redneck hillbillys a bad about the who safe sex thing. leaving luke wilson as the smartes man left on earth. check it out i loved it. though happy feet is just as funny and maybe a better moral than dumb people breed more. meh who knew. but i think that will be all for me today. i don't know when i will post again. when ever the urge hits mee he he he i said urge.... he he he, talk to you all later and don't be strangers (at least not stranger than you allready are)

ps acording to the spell checker i suck

but i am not going to fix it because i am to lazy

Thursday, January 04, 2007

new funny stuff

to all of you bloggers out there who read this. while checking out a very funny site i found what has to either be the saddest or the funniest thing i have ever seen. pleas feel free to generate as many of these as you can (check out the site to understand that)
and this is the site that i got that link from. also check it out this guy is freakin funny
it is all worth it so um yeah bye for now