Friday, August 25, 2006

hello darlin ....... its been a long time

well it has been a long time since i remembered to post on this. oops bad me. not much is new in my life though. i still work full time at alfredos. it is still a good job. the phsycho chick from hell is moving out in 5 days ... count them 5. we are all so very happy. also very cool my mom came to town today. showed up on my doorstep at 3 o clock. downside i had to work at 5 and she leaves in the morning. so i have to drag my lazy ass out of bed and go to have breakfast with her at my aunts..... and i don't eat breakfast. my sad life. my kid is with me all weekend so while i work tomorrow my aunt is taking her to a wedding. two people i don't know are getting married and my kid is going to be there. weird. hope she has fun cause i get to cook for a bunch of drunks. from 10 till freakin 5. why do bars have to open so damn early i don't want to function untill at least noon. i hate functioning in the morning. ask anyone who lives with me, they will tell you i am horrible steve calls me the beast in the mornings. granted he is a disney freak but hey in the end the beast gets belle and thats all good. hehe he can have the fish lady i get the human female. :P yeah i am pretty fucked up. but hey eventually i'll get laid. then my balss will return to their natural pink color. sigh thats all i have to babble about for now so untill i remember to post again. i'll be dreaming of you (and they're dirty dreams)

Monday, August 07, 2006

oh my god there is a midget in my house. and dez isn't back yet

well it finaly happened. my kid came home. hahaha actually she has been back for a week now but as i have been working i couldn't take her. fortunatley alfredos closed the kitchen for the long weekend so i grabbed the brat while i could. by the by i now work full time at alfredo's and never have to go back to moxies again. alfredos is alot less stress and i don't lose my entire day doing split shifts. i even get to be home by 11:30 everynight. very cool. also it is easy. half the time there is no one to cook for. the customers come for the booze not the food. yesss i get paid to do nothing. i love it. it's like a dream job. and the boss is pretty cool too. other than that not much new in my life...... oh and as for the title of this blog i only know a few midgets one is my kid and sorry dez i have to make short jokes it is in my nature. toodles and not dreaming of any one in particular tonight we will have to see what happens. sorry cole:(