Saturday, July 29, 2006


well i am happy now. i had to fight with my computer for days and days but now it does almost all that i want. only thing i want now is for it to be a bit faster but i can live with it being slow for now as i have all the space i want and sounds and cd burnyness. yaaaaaay and oddly enough that is all there is new in my life. maybe that is because i spent thet last two days working on my computer. and doing nothing else. oh wait i bought a satelite dish so i watch tv now two. but that is all ....... and i am tired from working at a slow ass pub so see you all later i am off to bed and dreaming of you. whoever you may be. goodnight snookems

Thursday, July 27, 2006

well new life ahead

i am really tired. i stayed up all night fixing my puter. managed to increase my hard drive by 40 gigss and put in windows xp. all the is left is to get the burner working and the sounds working again. good thin nic said he would come over and help when he has tim because i am doing all this by guess work. also i will be looking for new work today as i no longer work for moxies. and alfredo's is not much for hours but hey i am good enough to get more work quickly. and no i don 't need a bigger door to get my head thru :).... dez. hahahhahaahah well i don't have much else to say. as sad as that is i did not get a hold of a car to get my kid home. but am still trying as i have time offf for it. also i am looking to buy a twin sized bed for her at a good prise if anyone knows of one let me know. any way this is all there is newe in my life. i will try and post more often even if nothing happens for me. good luck dez and we will have a coming home party for you in a few weeks but no naked josh or mac that is the only rule. sorry but it would have dissapointed you anyways... :P

Sunday, July 16, 2006

road trip

well much to my frustration my kid is still in alberta with her grandma. my ex just got back from new brunswick and has no time to go and get he. so i am tracking down a car and on wed i am going for a road trip. nicole has said if no one else can go then she will. however i am still looking for someone else first. so if anyone wants to go for a road trip and has a car that will make it let me know i am paying catch you all later

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i now will never have any time off

for some reason unknown to me i got in my head to apply for another job. and i got it so now i work at both moxies and alfredos pub. upside is tht i will make more at alfredos than i will at moxies so i should have lots of money. it was a weird way to get the job though. i went in the cold beer store to get a six pack 5 min after they got robbed and asked if they needed a cook. they said yes and today they offered me a job. nothing but work now. oh well at least i will have lots of money even though i will have no time to spend it. but odie will get her swimming pool. but that is it for today. i have to go and get food for dinner tonigh. ttyl

Monday, July 10, 2006

new post

well for all the people who were at the party......... i am sorry about the naked josh and the naked mac. for those of you who didn't come i am sending them to your house next time. lots of fun. we drew all over some chick i don't know. wound up drunk at dennys. got a chicks number. then suffered through work the next day. although i am skipping my gardeneing shift todayas i don't want to work in the shitty weather. but as i am considering getting a new job i don't care i think i am going to start setting tile again. but that is generaly all there is to say in my life. very sad ttyl

Saturday, July 08, 2006

another 10 hour day

i have come to the conclusion that soccer players exist only to make life a living hell for those who work in a kitchen. i spent ten hours cooking for them today and they would not stop coming in. this was the busiest shift i have had in a long time. the only benefit was that the front of house manager paul was cool enough to take a break and give me a lift home. and my tip out should be massive. considering i am living off my tips that will be nice. also i have to go through this all tomorrow again so i will miss half my freaking party. my luck all the hot moxies chicks i invited will be there whilst i will be working. and steve will be very happy. asshole. i think i will have to start showing up for work with a realistic water gun or something. when i want to go home pull it out and everyone will leave. sadly i don't think it will work so i will have to threaten to quit or something. with a little luck they will let me :P oh well at least the people are cool. well enough of my bitching for one day i am going to watch a movie and get some sleep now. ttyl

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

jeez sorry dez i had no internet

so now for an update. we have officially moved into 780 faulkner cre awesome big house. but it did take untill today to get the phone and the internet hooked back up.......... so been a while between posts... sorry to the impatiant one..... not naming names dez.. hahaahaha any way jason and i went to stewart lake to help nicole move her shit. had a good swim for our break. loads of fun. other than that all work and no play intill sat night when we have our house warming party. ther we will ahev fun and drinks and maybe get to watch cole and phil make out for a while. they claim it is just the sex they like but i know the truth........ they like the attention. antwhom bye for now ttyl and all that rot