Sunday, September 24, 2006

well it is all fixed

well it finaly happened..... my freaking puter crashed. but all is ok i threw out the old hard drive installed a new one and did a clean install of xp. there were a few bugs i had to work out afterwards but they were simple. first i had a hardware conflict with my audio and video and had send them to different rooms (damn kids) then limewire just kept launching itself until i had about four of them running at ones. that was annoying. but by deleting and replacing it with a newer version i got it working. so for now all seems to be working ok. at least until something elses bad happens to it. then i will have to start all over i am sure. such is the way of life when you are to cheap to just buy a new one (mine is technically ten years old, i just keep upgrading) anywhom thats it from me i now must go to sleep as i open the pub tomorrow morning. see you all in the future :0

Saturday, September 16, 2006

pity me

i have experiansed the worst moment in my life. i was at work when i noticed i had some whitish grey shit on my face. i promptly tryed to wash it off assuming i had splashed some sour cream on myself ar something along those lines. after ten minutes of furious scrubbing i was forced to give up and admit i have started to sprout .................. dear god help me............... fucking grey hairs. i am actually turning old and grey. pity me for you will all experiance this too in time. it is horrible. i cryed and i cried. and the bartender told me so suck it up. she is only 21 so what does she know. that is my sob story please all pity me for i am now not just senile but old as well. :( le sigh and boo hoo

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

country song

If you see me on the street
Looking like I ain't slept in a week
(hey) don't worry baby.
Find me closing down the ba
rCatch me crawling to my car
(hey), just look the other way.
And if I'm by myself with a twisted face
Filling up on comfortable space.
Never mind me
(I'll be fine just talking to myself)
Never mind me
(sitting all alone inside my personal hell)
I'm going just fine,
never mind me.
Well if you just can't comprehend
why I'd be kissing your best friend
(hey)Just keep on walking baby.
If you see me sitting on the edge
of a twenty story ledge (oh)
But don't try to save me (no)
I'm probably looking at the sky
just trying to find the reason why
(why)Never mind me
(I'll be fine just talking to myself)
Never mind me
(sitting all alone inside my personal hell)
I'm going just fine
Never mind me.
Don't remind me
I'm not crazy
don't rewind me
then replay me
I'm just fine.
Never mind me
(I'll be find just talking to myself)
Never mind me
(sitting all alone inside my personal hell)
I'm going just fine
Never mind me
hey I'll be fine just talking to myself
never mind me
(Sitting all alone inside my personal hell)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

a new post

i don't actually have much to say as i have done nothing special in quite a while. i am either working or sitting around the house. most of my money latley has gone to bills so i don't go out all that often. other than the odd time we sit around alfredos and have a couple of pints. the only new thing really is that steve friend jesse moved in. we did discover that when he drinks he uses really big words and none of us understand him. i think he dumbs down for us when he is sober. nice guy though it is always fun when jesse and i sit down and make fun of steve. very entertaining. today was pretty good though. stev and jason met up with me after work and we all sat and had a beer. we then walked home and as we walked through the door jesse called us all assholes. apperantly he forgot his keys and spent half an hour building a large tower up to steves window to break in. he got into the house about 5 seconds before we got home and opened the door. we thought it was funny, he claimes he will get revenge. oh well, but thats all that has happed in the past while so i hope something fun happens soon so i have something good to write about toodles for now

Saturday, September 02, 2006

damn those lesbians

my head felt like a foot ball all day today. last night we got word of a bikini contest at the rum jungle....... involving lesbians. so of course we had to go. i actually cabbed it home at a halfway decent hour ... i think i know i took a cab. steve walked halfway home before he relised he could take a cab and called one from the hospital. robby walked all the way to college heights and made it home on foot...... impresive exept that his girlfriends 11 year old daughter was still at my house and he forgot about her. poor kid had to spend the night in odies bed ata complete bachelor pad. haha at least she was safe here. also i moved my room today so now i live in the basement. much cooler and it is a bigger room. one wall is made of cloth but thats ok. short of that not much for news we are planning a party in the near future and all will be invited we just have to figure out what day to have it on but eh we will get it all figured. so untill next time ttyl and all that shit